Rescued from Foreclosure!

November 2nd, 2011

Sally and her husband, Ted*, were married for 51 years when he passed away.  With the loss of Ted's income and a reduction of her own social security benefits, Sally could no longer afford her monthly mortgage payment of $656.45.   She sought assistance from non-profit organizations and government agencies but was told that she was ineligible to participate in any available programs.  She wasn't even qualified to file bankruptcy.  Unable to make her mortgage payments, Sally knew that she would soon lose her home to foreclosure.     

Upon referral from The Samaritan Center, a local non-profit social services agency, Sally contacted CCCS of Chattanooga where she met Tina Williams, Foreclosure Prevention Specialist.  Working as a third party mediator between Sally and her mortgage lender, Tina aggressively pursued a reduction in Sally's mortgage payments, otherwise referred to as a loan modification.  Intimately acquainted with the loan modification process and mortgage company requirements, Tina was able to anticipate the lender's demands, supply necessary documents, and boldly fight for Sally's case to be approved.  After weeks of persistence, the mortgage lender finally approved a loan modification of $342.88, reducing Sally's monthly payment to $313.57, less than half of her original payment.

Though the process is ongoing, Sally can now afford to pay her mortgage in full every month.  No longer fearing foreclosure, Sally reported that Tina was truly a blessing in a time of need.  "I feel like Tina was a Godsend for me.  She helped me in lots of different areas.  Lots of people were telling me ‘no,' but when Tina got on the case, we started to hear ‘yes.'  Tina didn't give up, she just kept pressing on." 

CCCS of Chattanooga is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) currently reimburses approved housing counseling agencies for time spent assisting clients with the loan modification process.  Because of this reimbursement, Tina's services are completely free to all clients in need of mortgage assistance.

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If you fear foreclosure of your home or if you struggle to make your monthly mortgage payment, please don't hesitate to contact CCCS.  Call (423) 490-5620, email, or live chat with a counselor right now!


*Actual names have been altered. 

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