Regina -- Assessed Credit Through a Credit Report Review

August 15th, 2012

Regina* was concerned about her credit history.  Her car was in the shop, and she was worried that she would have to get a new one.  She knew she hadn't saved enough to be able to purchase a used car with cash, but she'd never before applied for a car loan.  Regina wasn't sure what her credit report looked like and was afraid that she'd get ripped off at the dealership.

She emailed CCCS and requested help reviewing her report with a counselor.  She brought her credit report to her meeting with Ryan Hicks, certified credit counselor with 8 years of experience.  During their session, Ryan reviewed each account on the report, identified the negative items, and showed her how to dispute any errors.  Because of the time Ryan devoted to their counseling session, Regina learned how to read her credit report on her own, how to take steps to build her score, and how to prepare for her upcoming car loan. 

When asked about her appointment, Regina remarked, "I have a short credit history, consisting only of revolving accounts, so I was worried that it would be difficult for me to get a good interest rate on a car loan.  However, after talking to Ryan, I felt like I had direction for the steps I needed to take.  He showed me how to move past some of the mistakes that I have made and build a better report for both the long-term and the short-term." 

Regina found that many of her previous beliefs about credit were, in fact, myths.  Commonly-held thoughts and opinions about building credit are often incorrect or outdated.  The credit counselors at CCCS are able to provide the most recent, up-to-date, factual information for each client's personal situation.

In speaking of his session with Regina, Ryan said, "She was on the right track, she just needed a little direction.  She had some questions about how to improve her score so that she could get the best deal on her car loan.  She was confused about some of the factors that affect her score, but now, with the right information, she'll be ready to make the right decisions."

Congratulations, Regina!  We're so glad that we could provide you with some guidance!


*Name has been altered to preserve anonymity.

If you need assistance in understanding your credit report or building your credit score, please don't hesitate to contact CCCS. Call (423)490-5620, email, or live chat with a certified counselor right now!

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