Community Groups

CCCS offers programs to all community organziations with options to schedule a single workshop or a financial literacy series. 

Presentations are typically based on population, community needs, and/or seasonal trends.

      CCCS presents a wide variety of workshops specially adapted to address the needs of women, senior citizens, single parents, Spanish-speakers, etc.  If your group serves a specific demographic, or if you'd like to reach out to a particular population within your community, CCCS will customize a seminar for your target audience. 

Community Needs
      If your community is burdened by a particular issue, an educational workshop could help to diminish the problem.  With seminars like "Surviving a Layoff," "Scam Alert!," "Buying a Car or Home," and "Alternatives to Bankruptcy," your community has access to valuable educational materials to help them weather a financial storm or prevent financial catastrophe.

Seasonal Trends
      Many communities enjoy seasonal presentations, focusing on money saving ideas for the holidays, vacations, back-to-school, etc.  If your community group serves a large number of adolescents and/or parents, "Understanding Student Loans and Financial Aid" may be particulary helpful during the Spring season.   


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